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Welcome to Durham Remaps DR , the North East and Durham County  diesel and petrol tuning & dpf/fap /particle filter specialists. 

Our new 2016 2400hp 4wheel drive fully synchronised rolling road for 4 and 2 wheel drive cars and vans,  and 4×4 vehicles  ensures accurate measurement, with repeatable recorded  results every time ,also supplying printed graphs displaying before and after results and other relevant data with all Remaps where applicable  .

Based at Unit 20g Beehive Workshops,  Gilesgate,DH1 2XL  our experienced team offer a unique and unrivalled blend of premium remapping services , chipping services, Diagnostics and DPF fault /repair/ removal facility ,coupled with rolling road calibration. Utilising the same Dynometer setup as used by Kleemann Mercedes, a world renowned and respected  tuner, ensures we are able to deliver accurate and repeatable results.

Our continual dyno development and intuitive software calibration keeps us at the forefront of tuning technology for both petrol and diesel engines . 

Using our Dynomet 2400hp 4WD dyno  rolling road coupled with our professional level master tooling from Alientech , Cmd flashtech including KTAG Master tuning equipment ,for advanced reading and writing options , enables us to accurately plot and precision tune most cars and vans for peak performance and economy, dependent on desired application.  We can also carry out DPF removal on most vehicles for most applications or special conditions with bespoke working dpf solutions.  

Visit us and see  why we are considered by many in the North East as the number one choice for anyone seeking the very latest tuning techniques and advanced diagnostics .

An open door policy and our promise of great customer service and quality workmanship makes sure your vehicle is in safe hands with Durham Remaps. BUT!  don’t just take our word for it  click here to view over 100 positive customer reviews on

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The Power to Transform

  • Transform your cars Economy


    Maximised fuel economy with up to 9mpg with efficiency and a mild power increase.

  • Eco+


    A blend of power & economy with torque balanced maps deliver extra power while returning excellent fuel economy.

  • Transform your cars performance


    Custom rolling road designed software with peak performance realised with over 100bhp and 150nm torque

  • Eco+


    Enhanced Rolling road developed tuning, usually accompanying engine modifications such as uprated intercoolers/hybrid turbos etc., allowing gains over 200hp+ and 160nm+ depending on vehicle/engine configuration.