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BMW 640D “Software only *NO MODS”

Another returning customer in his 640D for DR software performance upgrade, Once on the dyno and initial checks done we started the tuning process, completion managing to produce over 390hp peak, adding an impressive 98Hp over factory software run, now with instant throttle response, smoothing out the dip in the curve seen in original mapping, sub 4 seconds 0-60 acceleration now tuned, and smooth linear delivery with the 106Nm extra torque available , no excess smoke under load due to our precise data logged calibration.
DR Power – 390.3Hp
DR Torque – 649.5Nm
💷DR Remaps/Exhausts /Intercoolers / Servicing / Repairs, from as little as £88.50 deposit then 3x monthly payments of £88.50 with no credit checks, instance acceptance, ask about our 0% interest free payment plan.
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Call us today for a quote 0191 386 4370