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Rolling Road

Our precision dyno unlike others is a Linked Belt drive Twin roller Heavy knurled design , this means higher accuracy than the current software linked systems most commonly used, and our rollers are capable of running any 2WD or 4WD vehicle up to 2400HP including complex 4WD systems of modern cars today which other dynos struggle to accurately or safely run, and offer safe power runs with our fixed multi-point strap design.

The heavy knurled design roller drums have an anti slip surface which even under heavy acceleration doesnt allow any wheel slip even from some of the more higher output cars we run. Our data logging system records vital information such as fuel , boost ,lamba , EGT,AFR and other important information , vital to ensure engines stay within a safe operation envelope .

Our dyno also offers electronic Eddy braked solid state tuning , which allows us to test mode in fully simulated road conditions while within the safety of the workshop. We can load any set percentage load and run the vehicle on the rollers simulating real world driving , giving precise data fedback enabling optimum results.


Call us today for a quote 0191 386 4370