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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between what we offer and mobile flash maps or cheaper "custom maps" with no dyno ? ?

The current tuning market is flooded with “custom map” claims and is actually just generic downloads by indivduals with little or no knowledge of tuning , no rolling road for testing , at best just literally thrashing your car or van down the road taking “data readings” to then give a “guessimated” power output. There is a large disparity between running in a controlled envirnment of the dyno cell as we do , with the vehicle safely tethered , and data aquisition under steady state giving accurate information for tuning your car or van with precision, and literally driving at speed down accelerating  hard at excessive speeds ,trying to log on a laptop while driving , illegal as well as dangerous.

How will the remap affect my fuel consumption?

Depending on what your requirements are coupled with your driving style will be the outcome to determine the Fuel Consumption once Remapped, but even with our performance calibrations some customers see 6-9mpg increases on some vehicles.

Our Industry leading ECO maps have been proven to achieve up to 9 MPG and yet still provide increased HP and Torque and with smoother more linear power delivery than a standard mapped car or van, with commercial as well as private customers benefiting from our experience and advanced tuning which gives results each time you drive .


Can the Remap be Reversed?

We can fully reverse the remap at any time if you require the car putting back to standard, a small charge may occur depending on time scale and man hours required to restore and clear diagnostics.

How much will the remap cost?

Every vehicle and engine variant differs in dyno time required , so please contact us and we will provide you with a full quote for your car or van.

Booking Terms and Conditions

We charge a non refundable £50 booking deposit, this is your dyno facility booking fee, charged at point of booking. We accept one cancellation , which has a minumum time period of within 48 hours of the original booking date, which can then be rebooked up to  2 months after the notified date of cancellation. ( subject to our discretion and we reserve the right to cancel without refund )

I have existing modifications, will this affect the remap?

Some modifications actually enhance the software so let us know in advance or we can advise you of suitable mods to improve your car/van, we supply  full range of performace parts for most cars from the likes of Miltek  Scorpion, Wagner Tuning,EBC Brakes KW Suspension etc .

On booking we then ask for a list of all modifications to ensure we cater for any changes during the tuning process.

I intend to make further modifications will this affect the remap…

Again, let us know what you’re planning so we can advise the best way forward and can even offer great package deals on other performance upgrades as we offer tuning parts form wagner tuning, miltek, scorpion ,ebc amongst others .

What happens if I sell the car with your map on ?

If you wish to sell the car with the map on then no problem most consider this an upgrade and unique selling point , or if you wish to have it reversed and put back to standard after a period of time then again no problem. (charges apply)

What about insurance?

We cannot and wont comment on this subject and advise that you check the contract between yourself and your insurance company.

If you are unsure then contact your insurance provider for advice on this subject we will not discuss or comment on your insurance obligations.

How do i book ?

Call one of our team or email ,message us on facebook, instagram or Tik Tok, we can also advise you on your needs and finance packages if required.

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Call us today for a quote 0191 386 4370