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Air Intake Replacements

We supply and fit Ramair / KN / Pipercross and various other CAIS systems and foam filter and service kits

Before replacing air intakes, it is important to first understand its role in powering an internal combustion engine. To convert fuel into mechanical energy, air intakes are responsible for adding oxygen into the fuel mix. Spark plugs cannot start the combustion cycle without oxygen. When there is not enough air, the engine uses up more fuel and cannot run at peak performance. So adding a well-designed air intake system can seriously aid performance and make the most of a High Performance Remap by increasing volume of air into the engine.

Two main types of intake available are ..

Cold Air Intakes

Cold air intakes are a type of ram air intake systems that work by drawing in cool air from outside and then fed into the vehicle’s engine. This type of intake often has minimal bends and typically has a long duct with access to cool air utilising vents or custom made housing such as Auto-specialists RS/ST kits we install. With cooler air coursing through the engine, combustion requires less heat and fuel thus enhancing performance.

Ram Air kits

Our Ram Air kits usually utilise direct air fed from the front of the car force fed into the intake system allowing higher fueled maps to achieve the required fuel/air mix required to gain power and run reliably.

With the right air intake most vehicles can experience increased horsepower. While this varies from car to car, because of the interplay of all the components, new air intakes can add on about 5 to 20 horsepower if configured with a map. Air intakes can also increase the engine’s responsiveness when fitted again especially when tuned to capitalize on the setup. Because there is more air available for combustion with custom aftermarket air intakes, the engine is more capable of breathing freely and even more so when accompanied with an Exhaust and one of our Remaps, we offer a full fitting service in our workshop and advice on design and fit from different manufacturers.

Panel Filters

We also offer panel filter which are a direct replacement for the OEM units , with ease of fitting and modest performance gains these are a popular choice to be fitted alongside a stage 1 remap.

All intake and filter kits are complimented by a fitting service available at our workshop.

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