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Vehicle Remaps

A common question we are regularly asked is “What exactly is a Remap”?

Here we try to breakdown the mechanics of remapping or chipping.

All modern vehicles are fitted with and Electronic Control Unit otherwise known as an engine ECU or brain. This computer uses what’s know as maps to control the engines Fuel injectors, turbocharger, Egr system, Ignition Timing and various other sensors and control units connected the system which are then required to be adapted to make necessary changes to the file structure.

A remap or tuned file is basically an optimised engine control map file which in our case is developed on a Dynometer/rolling road with extensive testing, this in turn is then uploaded onto the Engine Control Unit which in its body contains highly refined and modified parameters enhancing engine performance, either utilising a power calibration or eco calibration, or to take into account any other modifications made from a standard setup.This results in increased Power and torque and overall response of the engine and usually fuel economy by its defined nature.

Manufacturers will by default run most engines with wide tolerances as to ensure the engines can run on low-grade fuel found in some countries, but luckily this does not apply to us in Europe or the UK, and manufacturers also lower power to put some vehicles into lower tax bands as the VW scandal has recently shown to be quite prevalent. This leaves enormous scope and generous headroom for us to then modify the car and make a much more refined and precise calibration, to then offer more power and most cases give increased fuel economy.

Where applicable we will then run your vehicle on our 4 Wheel Drive 2400hp Dynometer/rolling  to ascertain its power figures prior to the remap (subject to our discretion and terms and conditions being met in 2400hp dyno section in services category ), the file is then read either by EOBD via the manufacturers port, or with advanced BDM bench programming procedures which you will be advised of well before any work commences.

Once checked on the dyno we commence modifying your engines parameters once discussing your requirements and offer any tuning advice based on your needs. Using advanced map-editing software such as WINOLS to edit your engine map and optimise all settings making changes where necessary to create a bespoke custom file for your car utilising power and economy to its most precise measure.

When we finish reprogramming your vehicle we will then run the vehicle again on the dyno, this measures the achieved output with your new modified file, and at this point make any changes necessary to ensure the very peak of precision is achieved with the best possible outcome and ensures all parameters are within range .

Stage 1/2/3/4 tuning packages are available for most makes and models for both petrol and diesel variants;this includes cars, vans and commercials.Our rolling road designed and verified bespoke map calibrations allow benefits of up to 200+hp and over with over 200nm+ of torque, this is of course vehicle dependent and subject to modifications and testing. Our vast experience and attention to detail allows us to offer an unrivaled customer focused experience and service, which comes highly recommended by past and current customers alike.

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