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4WD Rolling Road

The new 2016 4wd synchronous  Dynomet Rolling Road installed in our workshops has full data logging facilities including wide band lambda with EGT monitor and allows cars and 4×4 vehicles to run true with no abs/traction systems disabled for accurate analysis, the dynometer the same model as used by Kleeman Mercedes, a workld renowned tuner , chosen for its accuracy and specification especially for 4 wheel drive vehicles, make sure your vehicle is actually tuned a rolling road and not offered a suitcase or “guesstimate” as some cheap generic mappers offer  .

Power Runs /Data Logging/live mapping….

Our advanced floor anchor system is able to cope with the most powerful cars to over 1000hp ,and give accurate figures for power and torque while being safely secured at all times.

Before presenting for a DYNO run or Tune/dyno  please ensure the following is carried out as we may refuse unless we are satisfied these checks have been done.

The following conditions must be met and the vehicle checked by you the customer or his representative prior to your visit unless agreed beforehand by us-

  1. At least half a tank of fuel on presenting the vehicle
  2. Check oil and coolant levels (owner drivers responsibility)
  3. Make sure your tyres are safe to operate at speeds over 100 mph.
  4. Double check all drive train components for faulty parts.
  5. Make sure your car is free of any oil, fuel or coolant leaks.

We do reserve the right to refuse any vehicle we deem unfit to run .

The Waiver form must be signed prior to running and any vehicle entering the Dynometer,and is done so under the clear understanding that the owner//keeper or authorised person/s is running any vehicle under his / her care at his/her  own risk at all times.

Call us today for a quote 0191 386 4370