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Performance Brakes

Supply and fitting is available for upgraded high performance kits such as K sport/AP EBC and most other Disc and pad combinations are available on request.

Uprated discs and pads and High Performance Callipers can enhance any cars stopping power and are especially on highly modified cars like our Focus ST to RS440 Conversion make the difference between an adequate braking system into a track capable RACE level option.

Why Upgrade your brakes?

Typical OEM brakes are designed for cars with standard engines, driven at normal speeds and without constant hard use

But if you want to subject your vehicle to abnormal stresses, then stock brakes will not be sufficient. Adding any power upgrades, such as turbochargers or superchargers, engine swaps and driving in particularly steep areas or track days any standard OEM brakes can easily become overwhelmed and overheat or fail.

The most common occurrence is known as brake fade, basically your brakes will become less effective the harder they are used and overheat becoming useless or permanently damaged. Car brakes take the kinetic energy of your car ‘s movement and disperse it as thermal energy i.e. heat –generated when the Callipers clamp the pads down on the brake disc.

Beyond a certain temperature and loading amount stock brakes lose effectiveness.

If used for track days high-performance brakes are definitely an necessity/ advantage. Performance brake upgrades are designed to dissipate this heat build-up more efficiently than standard equipment brakes.

Braided brake hoses further enhance the performance offering higher efficiency than standard rubber OEM hoses as they cope with heat and expansion a lot better than stock items.

Options such as cross-drilled rotors and slotted rotors, the purpose of both of these options is to increase airflow over and away from the rotor also known as the brake disc, with air moving and directed over the discs taking heat away with it promoting disc and pad longevity and gains in braking performance.

Pads are an important part of any braking system and we can advise on upgraded versions from fast road to race which all have different properties and enhanced braking efficiency compared with OEM parts.

From 6 to 10 pot Callipers we offer massive braking performance upgrades for road and race usage. When coupled with the correct pads and discs a new uprated brake system can transform your car and compliment any high performance modifications you choose to add, a full fitting service is available at our workshops by our professional brake technicians.

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