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We supply and fit Wagner , Airtec and Forge Intercoolers and associated pipework including hard pipes and Large boost kits. Increasing power by lowering intake temperatures and protecting the turbochargers on highly tuned engines as well as enhancing performance.

Why Change/upgrade your cars intercooler?

An intercooler is just another name for a heat exchanger that is used to cool air that has been compressed, by either a Supercharger or a Turbocharger. The intercooler is placed somewhere in the path of air that flows from the turbo/supercharger to the motor. An intercooler is needed because of the physics of air described in the Ideal Gas Law, that is PV=nRT.

Explaining the ideal gas law as basic as possible, we can say that because pressure and temperature are directly proportional, as you create more pressure with your turbo or supercharger, you produce more heat as well. The reason hot air is bad for engine power relies on two main points.

  1. Hot air is less dense and therefore contains less molecules of oxygen per unit volume. This means less air for the engine in a given stroke and therefore less power is produced.
  2. Hot air also causes a higher cylinder temperatures and therefore can cause pre-detonation of the combustion cycle causing what’s known as detonation which can be catastrophic for any engine.

So colder denser air translates to what is safer more reliable power, a colder denser charge will not only be safer for your engine, but adds power as well, and importantly creates longevity for highly tuned engines running modified turbos by lowering the intake Temperature.

So intercoolers can make charged air denser so that more can be fit into the cylinder creating a larger controlled spark detonation, but is also are liable way in tuning out detonation conditions. With the big gains in torque/power that can be had by advancing timing a few degrees, and with colder air temps gained from uprated intercoolers, a well-designed and larger intercooler can then prevent the conditions for pre-detonation occurring and is a worthwhile investment especially on highly tuned engines giving safe conditions for achieving higher power with one of our remaps.

Supply and fitting of most premium intercoolers along with various uprated pipes and fitting kits at our workshops can be arranged to go with Custom mapping and or any other modifications or as a standalone fitment.

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