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Turbo / Hybrid Turbos

Hybrid turbos built to bespoke specifications are available with 360 bearings and Compressor wheel upgrades and modified housings and manifolds for various makes and models.

What are Hybrid Turbos and why fit them?

A hybrid turbocharger combines the quick boost response required at low engine revs, with the extra air-flow capacity needed for more power at higher revs.

For most road going cars, a standard specification, good quality Service Exchange Turbocharger is sufficient. Hybrid turbos only become necessary when significant performance improvement is required, normally on a modified engine. Most hybrid turbochargers will look identical to standard units from the outside. The changes are all mostly made inside, by using different aerodynamic configurations, both in the compressor and turbine housings and custom fitted internals.

Most turbocharged engines respond well to increased boost pressure, but only if the engine is modified to capitalise on the change. The same can be said of turbochargers. A hybrid turbo on a standard engine may offer a small benefit, but will be more effective on a modified engine which we map accordingly with modified boost parameters. Unfortunately, increasing the boost pressure also increases the internal loading within the turbocharger significantly. In order to compensate for this, a screwed down thrust bearing is sometimes used. This prevents the bearing from lifting at high loads which can lead to oil starvation and catastrophic component failure.

Further enhancing a turbo means a 360 thrust bearing is used, originally developed for competition race cars. These bearings have a greater bearing contact face to withstand high loads, which would otherwise destroy a standard bearing very quickly.

Another mod for a Hybrid unit is a cut-back shaft wheel. This is the main exhaust-driven turbine wheel inside the turbocharger. To limit its speed to acceptable, reliable levels, and to improve the airflow, the blades are cut back accordingly. This is a very high precision machining operation, requiring highly accurate grinding and balancing. All our custom built hybrids are made to exacting standards and over-engineered to build in a high level of reliability and ensure performance levels are achievable utilising our custom dyno tuned maps.

Running the compressor wheels faster in any turbo will certainly give you more flow and pressure but usually at the expense of lower efficiency and therefore higher charge temperature. This can cause a higher likelihood of pre-detonation and limit power output. This is why a hybrid turbo if designed properly, will allow the extra flow and pressure to be achieved at a safe and reliable turbine speed and at higher compressor efficiency.

A design and fitting service is available for all our hybrid turbos with a custom dyno tuned calibration for most cars and engine specifications and special builds.

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